Learning & Performance Manager

Learning & Performance Manager
MO - North Kansas City

Job Description

Helzberg Diamonds has opened a Learning & Performance Manger position at our North Kansas City, MO headquarters.  Our Learning & Performance Managers focus on developing and delivering training programs and materials for our store professionals.

Since 1915 Helzberg Diamonds has made sure that our associates are knowledgeable about merchandise, and have the training to make each customer interaction as helpful and pleasant as possible.  Helzberg prides itself on having jewelry professionals working in our stores, not just retail sales clerks.  Becoming a Berkshire Hathaway company in 1995 only served to reinforce this commitment.

Our Learning & Performance Managers play a critical role in making sure that Helzberg store professionals are able to provide superior customer care.  L&P Managers strive to finds ways to help store associates become better at their jobs by analyzing data and performing thorough needs assessments.  They move next to define learning objectives, develop lesson plans, select learning methods and techniques, prepare learning resources, select evaluation criteria and create evaluation design.  In short, our L&P Managers use a systematic approach that identifies and articulates store training and development opportunities.  Then our Manager establish curriculum, processes, programs, methods designed to improve store operations.


  • Conduct performance analysis using a variety of data collection methods, review documented outcomes in various company reports, examine skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for optimum task completion, and identify the cause(s) of gaps between expected and documented actual results in order to improve associate job performance.

  • Develop possible solutions and make recommendations to internal clients. Design and develop performance-based training interventions, as well as non-training interventions, for all levels of the organization.

  • Manage projects, including external partners, to ensure objectives are met on time and at forecasted costs. Supervise the productions, supply and delivery of learning resources and complete budgeting, forecasting and tracking of project expenditures.

  • Act as assessor, feedback provider, coach and/or facilitator to train and develop the organization's associates.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Learning and Performance initiatives and programs, including online testing, mystery shops, and competitive shops. Establish the purpose, objectives, and scope of the evaluation. Select the appropriate evaluation method(s) and collect relevant data. Review and analyze data using quantitative and qualitative methods, organize and write summary reports, and make recommendations, as needed, to Store Operations and the entire organization.

  • Drive the productivity of operational initiatives to deliver predetermined outcomes. These initiatives include repair sales and gross margin, appraisal revenue, special event sales and gross margin, care plan sales and expenses, overall sales, and other store operations metrics.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Instructional Systems Design, Education, Human Resource Development, Human Resources, Psychology or related area required.

  • Five to seven years of instructional systems design and development experience in sales training, leadership development, and/or other technical training required, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Prefer performance-consulting experience.

  • Outstanding writing skills and strong facilitation skills are required.

  • Must have the ability to manage group interactions in a variety of venues: one-on-ones or small and large groups; with peers, subordinates, or upper management; and in the field or Store Support Center (corporate offices).

  • Must also be able to determine when to utilize a formal presentation or facilitation style depending on desired objectives or result.

  • Regular, predictable onsite attendance is required to perform essential functions involving interactive behaviors with co-workers and managers, operation or manipulation of equipment and/or materials located only on site, and direct interaction with internal and/or external customers.

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