Security Operations Specialist

Security Operations Specialist

North Kansas City, Missouri

Helzberg Diamonds has opened a security position within our Risk Management Dept. Helzberg Security Operations Specialists are responsible for protecting Helzberg associates, property, and product at our corporate headquarters in North Kansas City, Mo. A major advantage of being a part of the Helzberg security team is the consistent work schedule we keep.

Security Operations Specialists usually work 8 hour shifts that revolve around core M - F business hours that can start as early as 6:00 am and run as late as 7:00 pm. Under normal operating conditions we assign Security Operations Specialists an 8 hour shift within that 6:00 am to 7:00 pm window. Our offices are open a few weekends during the year. When this occurs some shift adjustments may be necessary, but for the vast majority of weeks our security personnel are assigned shifts that remain very consistent.

For this particular situation we are looking to hire a Security Operations Specialist that can manage a base M-F, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm shift.

Security Operations Specialists perform protection and First Responder duties in a professional manner that is in keeping with the high professional and ethical standards of Helzberg Diamonds. Our Security Operations Specialists are often first to engage associates, external vendors, visitors, delivery people, and job applicants when they enter our offices. They are almost always the first person someone will encounter when they come to our building. Our Security Operations Specialists must be dedicated professionals who understand the day will most likely be routine, but stand ready to handle the unexpected.


  • Control and monitor entry points. Observe SSC perimeter for suspicious activity. Process visitors using our PC based visitor management system.
  • Conduct foot patrols within and outside our office buildings.
  • Operate, test, and maintain alarm systems, CCTV, X-ray, and metal detection equipment to maintain security of associates, and jewelry merchandise.
  • Respond to all medical emergencies and physical threat situations in an expeditious manner in order to safe guard associates, visitors, and property


  • High School diploma combined with previous facility security, military, law enforcement, or other related experience is required.
  • Candidates must has the ability to obtain a CCW license and pass the firearms qualification requirements.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills along with ability to organize and prioritize is required.
  • Must possess good decision making skills and ability to follow security protocols even in unexpected or stressful situations.
  • Must possess physical abilities to lift no less than 50 pounds, and quickly respond on foot to locations throughout our facility.
  • Ability to operate computer applications, specifically Microsoft Office applications is preferred.
  • First Responder, US Army Combat Life Saver, or equivalent medical training preferred.
  • Certified professional level firearms training preferred.
  • Training in industrial security, security awareness, or training in self-defense preferred.
  • Regular, predictable onsite attendance is required to perform essential functions involving interactive behaviors with co-workers and managers, operation or manipulation of equipment and/or materials located only on site, and direct interaction with internal and/or external customers.
Pay Range:
$15-$16 / hour