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Working At Helzberg Diamonds

Are you most comfortable working as a Retail Sales Associate working directly with customers? Do you aspire to Store Management? Or, perhaps you're interested in a "behind-the-scenes" role at our corporate Store Support Center?  Whatever your goals and aspirations, you'll have the opportunity to determine where you best fit here at Helzberg Diamonds.

Best of all, with over 200 retail locations in more than 35 states and our corporate Store Support Center located in North Kansas City, Missouri, Helzberg Diamonds offers a distinct advantage: options.  You'll have the opportunity to work where you decide, and the chance to continually learn more and earn more regardless of the career path you choose.

Where will your career path  take you?  The choice is yours!

Meet Our Ambassadors

We've been in business since 1915 and we're owned by Warren Buffett; our company's stability is very sound.”


Sales Associate

In my 20+ years working for Helzberg Diamonds, I've seen a continual increase in my income and in my quality of life.”


Sales Associate

I love working with customers and helping them select the perfect piece of jewelry. It makes me happy, and it's a lot of fun.”


Store Manager

It's like a second family. We celebrate each other's victories - big and small.”


Loss Prevention Manager

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