Corporate Responsibility

Helzberg Diamonds goes beyond the industry standards to support human rights, environmental stewardship and ethical business practices.

Helzberg Diamonds does not import merchandise directly, except for loose diamonds. So, to meaningfully ensure compliance with its high standards of ethics, integrity and compliance, Helzberg Diamonds takes the following approach:

We abide by the Kimberly Process and refuse to directly import, or buy from any importer or other supplier, any diamond mined after December 31, 2002 that is not accompanied by the World Diamond Council warranty statement. This warranty statement requires every stakeholder in the chain of supply to affirm that the diamond has been purchased through authorized channels not involved in conflict funding. We demand that all of our suppliers comply with a strict Supplier Code of Conduct as a condition of doing business with Helzberg and warrant such compliance with respect to each purchase order. Helzberg Diamonds’ Suppliers Code of Conduct imposes a strict gold and precious metals sourcing policy, establishes principles and standards that mirror those of the Responsible Jewelry Council (the “RJC”) and otherwise prohibits the use of child labor, forced labor, or discrimination against employees. It also requires compliance with applicable laws regarding fair pay and reasonable hours under healthy and safe conditions, as well as protection of the environment.

We, through our employees with knowledge of the relevant supply chains, regularly assess the risk of slavery and human trafficking and other nonconformance to our Supplier Code of Conduct to identify high risk areas. We do not conduct audits of supplier compliance with Helzberg Diamonds’ Supplier Code of Conduct. We instead refuse to buy diamonds from suppliers that are not accompanied by the World Diamond Council warranty and we require each supplier to certify compliance with respect to all purchase orders. In addition, many of our suppliers are certified members of the RJC and/or The Jewelers Vigilance Committee.

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